Blonde Girl

As a gesture of love, or a statement
of identity, jewelry ties us to our
dear ones, and to our sense of self.

Blue Green Necklace and Brooch
Girl with Yellow Earrings

It’s our passion,
and our privilege,
to share with you
the pieces that become
your everyday favorites,
and the gifts you
choose to give.

Ornate Yellow Necklace
Red Head Girl

From affordable fashion to wearable art, our broad selection is hand-picked with care.

We invite you to visit our stores where we feel we do our best offering
the latest fashions and the variety you’ve come to expect.

Hampton Beach
New Hampshire

169 Ocean Blvd
Hampton Beach, NH 03842
603.926.9111 Seasonal


1300 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138


280 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
508.487.8886 Seasonal


57 Church Street
Burlington, VT 05401
Dragonfly Necklace

Until we see you again, a story...

Forty years ago, a young couple spent their life savings to open a little store in Queens, NY.  Their first day was hardly a grand opening; Ram was recuperating from an emergency appendectomy while Jane was biding her time creating her first window display and fine tuning the little product they had to sell.  When a family friend walked by and saw people gathered around the window, she convinced Jane to open her door for the first time, ready or not!


Since that first thrilling day, Ram and Jane have become a family of five, with a small chain of seasonal jewelry stores extending from New Hampshire to Florida.  Ram's passion for finding truly unique, beautiful jewelry has expanded his travels all across the country, while Jane continues to develop ever creative ways to display their finds, (antique egg beaters, hanging bicycles, you name it)!  All the while, they have generously shared the joys and challenges of their calling with their children.


As their middle daughter, some of my earliest summer memories involve teetering on a stool near the cash register, ringing up patient customers and soaking up the lessons of a business built on enthusiasm and hard work.  Jewelry, and the remarkable roles it plays in our lives, as a token of love or appreciation, as a much needed gift to oneself, or simply as a celebration of materials, presents a way to interact with folks that I truly love.  It's no wonder that I was inspired to open stores of my own when the time came to choose a career; the first Zinnia opened in Burlington in June 2005 and the second in Cambridge, MA in June 2006.


My parents and I now share the name Zinnia, and the same set of ideals.  We work closely together to offer a truly inspired variety of hand-picked jewelry at great prices, with service that is meant to convey our profound respect and appreciation for our customers.  We'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the last forty years so rewarding, and for your amazing, loyal support of our endeavors.  We hope to see you soon!